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Mary Hestand is a graduate of Columbia Theater Master’s program.  She worked with the Wooster Group in New York, as well as wrote and directed the award-winning short “He Was Once” (Zeitgeist) – you can find it unofficially at YouTube.   She has continued to produce or direct shorts, as well as develop media content.  Mary is also the lead singer in the all-girl band Merry & the Mood Swings and sings for Rm101.

Alan Tubbs divides his time between sound work and writing.  He studied with Allen Ginsberg at Brooklyn College for his MFA in Poetry.  He was musical consultant for the Miramax’s “Animal Behavior,” which also bought his feature script “The Elephant Wars” and produced “Winning Colors.”  Alan has produced or directed local television commercials and PSAs for the Dallas Market while continuing to write and produce music, including that of Rm101.  For the last couple of years he has also written musical technical reviews for Sound on Sound and Tape Op.

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